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Funeral ceremony for Allamah Rizvi in Isfahan

An appreciation of the media institutions and partners of the Bonyad Akhtare Taban (Allamah Rizvi Foundation) was held in a cordial meeting, in which praising of the institutions and individuals who cooperated with the Bonyad Akhtare Taban (Allamah Rizvi Foundation) took place.
His eminence Seyed Kazim Rizvi, was appreciative and grateful to the officials and esteemed members of the following networks: Islah Media (India), Zainab Media (India), WayToIslam Channel (India), Maqsade Husseini (India),Mahdi Tv (Kenya), Swahili Shi’ah Network (Tanzania) and many others to speak about the necessity of reviving the memory of the late Allamah Rizvi, as well as reviving his works and introducing his thought to the current generation for the esteemed audience. This cordial gathering started with the enlightenment of the recitation of the Holy verses from the words of God Almighty, followed by the eulogy of the birth of Imam Reza a.s (May God’s blessings and peace be upon Him).
After thanking and appreciating the management of these dear people, they were gifted with a token of thanksgiving and some gifts, which ended with a meal in the foundation site.

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