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Ziarah to the Martyrs of Uhud

Hazrat Fatima Zahra's (sa) lifestyle (3)

   Sayyidat Fatima (sa) being disappointed by the people around her, she goes and sits near the graves of the martyrs and looks at the Mount of Uhud.

   She remembers that the Muslims abandoned the gorge (canyon) on the side of this mountain because of the desire for booty, and that led to their defeat (in the battle).

   At that time, she remembered the time of Battle of Uhud when she arrived to that place to take care of the wounded, because she believed that when necessary, women should also attend (and show their presence) in the Society to protect the religion of Allah.

   Hazrat Fatima (sa) as it was after the death of her father, she also stood firmly to support and defend her Leader, and her husband, Imam Ali (as), because many people left the Hoja and Wali of Allah alone (to the extent that, behind him there was no one to defend him) and that’s because of people’s lust and desire for booty.

   The purpose of Hazrat Fatima al-Zahra (sa) in visiting the Martyrs of Uhud, especially Sayyid Al-Shuhadaa Hazrat Hamza (ra), was probably to show people that Hazrat Hamza (ra) was the Protector and defender of the Prophet’s Family (s), and if he was alive, then the situation would certainly be different from today.

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