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Funeral ceremony of his eminence Sheikh Abdullah Saif

Sheikh Abdullah Seif (1928-2020) was one of the great disciples of East Africa and Tanzania and one of the first students of Allamah Rizvi, who was sent by Allamah to study in Najaf and Iran.
The late Sheikh Abdullah Saif after returning to Tanzania, together with Allamah Rizvi, started their Islamic propaganda, and he was sent to the deprived areas by Allamah.
Bonyad Akhtare Taban (Allamah Rizvi Foundation) held a ceremony for the the soul of the deceased, which was attended by scholars and elders of East Africa hosted by his eminence Syed Kazim Rizvi.
The ceremony was attended by Ayatollah Hasan zadeh Leile Koohi and Sheikh Salim Moiga of Kenya, Sheikh Abdul Majid of Tanzania and other dignitaries were present at the ceremony.

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