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East African Representatives Symposium

Forum meeting of the representatives of East African countries were invited to Bonyad Akhtare Taban (Allamah Rizvi Foundation), and a meeting was held in the meeting hall.
The foundation was held in the presence of the internal management of the foundation and the head of research of the foundation. The meeting was attended by representatives from Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo.
Each of the esteemed representatives talked about the activities of late Allamah Rizvi (RA) in East Africa, the effects of these activities on the conversion of many indigenous people to Islam and appreciated the Shiite religion and the relics of the late Allamah Rizvi (RA) in these areas and shared their personal and other’s memories of observing the efforts that Allamah Rizvi made.
Following this meeting, the internal management of the foundation introduced the foundation and the activities of the foundation in the past year and stated the future goals of the foundation in the short and long term.
The meeting continued with a discussion on the situation of Muslims, especially Shiites, in East Africa, each of the representatives spoke about the situation of the Shiites in these countries, and those that were present were asked to address the problems that exist among Muslims especially the Shiites of East Africa, and suggest some solutions to these problems, and to the rest of the attendees as well, if they had any resolution to solve these problems, they could share with others, which caused a very good interaction among the attendees in the meeting.

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