Appreciation of Swahili speakers in the Swahili podcast production project

Bonyad Akhtar Taban praised the speakers who produced a podcast for the book of the late Allamah Sayyid Saeed Akhtar Rizvi.
During the invitation to the collaborators present in this project, Swahili speakers were honored with cash gifts.
During the invitation of the collaborators present of the project, Swahili speakers were honored with cash gifts.
In this ceremony which took place in the office of Bonyad Akhtar Taban, the Swahili-speaking guests announced their readiness and expressed their readiness and showed their interest for projects in the future.
They also stated that according to the needs of the younger generation to these issues, and the widespread use of new tools by the general public, this will provide a good ground for the youth to benefit from the writings of the late Allamah Rizvi (RA) to the public.

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