Closing ceremony of the first missionary training course (Head of Preachers)

This ceremony was held at the office of Akhtar Taban Foundation at the same time as the birth of the savior of mankind the Promised Mahdi (as).
The special speaker of this ceremony was the head of Valiasr network, Ayatollah Hosseini Qazvini (Dam Zoleh).
The event was attended by guests from various countries, including India and East Africa.
Ayatollah Hosseini Qazvini mentioned some points regarding propaganda and its secret of success.
At the end of the ceremony, a certificate of completion of the missionary training course and a picture of all the students present in the course were awarded to the students by Ayatollah Hosseini Qazvini.
He also had a conversation with the head of the Bonyad Akhtar Taban, His Eminence, Syed Kazim Rizvi, who appreciated the activities of the Bonyad Akhtar Taban and expressed his readiness to hold Shia studies (courses) and answer the doubts of Wahhabism.

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