Our Members

Hujjatul Islam wal-Muslimeen Syed Kazim Rizvi

Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer

Mohammad Ali Yaqubi

Chief Operating Officer

Sheikh Mohammad Moiga

Manager of East African Thinking Room

Public Relations:

Seyyed Mohammad Zayedi

Public Relations

Seyyed Heydar Rizvi

Indian subcontinent Public Relations

Sheikh Taqi

East African Public Relations

Other Foundation Partners:

Sheikh Ali Moyga

East Africa

Seyyed Ammar Mousavi


Seyyed Mohammad Baqer Naqavi

Finance and Library

Seyyed Mohammad Jayedi


Talim Reza

Revival of Heritage

Hasan Abdoullah

Revival of Heritage

Shabih Reza Qomi

Website and Social Media

Javad Hezare


Mohammad Javad Rizvo

Social Media

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